2 Bedroom Moving Kit

From: $238.30

The 2 Bedroom Kit is the perfect assortment of moving supplies for a house or apartment with up to 2 bedrooms. The included supplies will help you pack, protect, organize and cushion your items. The quantities of each item in the kit can be added to if you feel you need more of any items and to best fit your moving and packing needs.

This Kit Includes:

Small Box(15)
Medium Box(20)
Large Box(10)
X-Large Box(2)
Dish Barrel Box(4)
Large Wardrobe Box(4)
Packing Tape(4)
Permanent Markers(2)
Packing Paper 4lb Roll(3)
Bubble Wrap Roll(1)
Mattress Bag K/Q(1)
Mattress Bag F/T(1)

  • Small Box

    16x12x12.5 Small Moving Box

    $1.45 each
  • Medium Box

    18x18x16 Medium Moving Box

    $2.30 each
  • Large Box

    24x18x18.5 Large Moving Box

    $2.75 each
  • X-Large Box

    24x18x24 X-Large Moving Box

    $3.90 each
  • Dish Barrel

    18.5x18.5x29.25 Dish Barrel Moving Box

    $5.75 each
  • Large Wardrobe Box

    24x20x45 Large Wardrobe Moving Box

    $15.00 each
  • Packing Tape

    48mmx50M Roll Packing Tape

    $2.95 each
  • 4lb Packing Paper Rolls

    4lb Packing Paper Rolls

    $4.50 each
  • Bubble Wrap

    75' Bubble Wrap Roll

    $9.00 each
  • K/Q Mattress Bag

    King/Queen Mattress Moving Bag

    $9.00 each
  • Full/Twin Mattress Bag

    Full/Twin Mattress Moving Bag

    $7.75 each
  • Permanent Markers

    Permanent Markers

    $0.60 each